Milk paint, glaze, espresso stain, HP topcoat

By Christine

Picked her up free at a rummage sale  in my neighborhood  and saved her from a dumpster   Gee, wish I would remember to take before pictures BEFORE I start the project.  If I'm being completely honest, this project required a bunch of PATIENCE, gorilla glue and clamp work before I could begin sanding and staining.  Most often the patience is of the most difficult step.  The rest came very naturally to me.    She told me that the drawer fronts needed to be stained rather than painted. I used espresso stain. Coastal blue to the rest of her detail along with a glaze of van Dyck and voilà she was transformed for another 100 years. I added hardware that I salvaged from another piece and scrubbed brass bright with steel wool.  ...  Is anyone else keeping track of my investment here?   

 I'm thrilled to say that I sold the piece to someone that appreciated it as much as I did.  When she came to see it she told me that she knows when a piece is right and this one spoke to her as well. This piece had very private conversations with both of us and with General finishes it was easy to rejuvenate this piece for the next 100 years. 

My hobby is my passion, I call it "Restyle & Renew" because that is what I do. 

Products Used

  • GF Coastal Blue Milk Paint
  • GF Van Dyke Brown Glaze Effects
  • GF Espresso Water Based Wood Stain
  • GF High Performance Top Coat - Satin

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