Mid Century Modern Charcoal Dresser

By Marcia from Three Painted Drawers, Three Painted Drawers in MO.

Winning Category

It was time for a new dresser for my daughter, (hers had been an Antique dresser for the past 15 years that i painted for her ) 

I picked up this dresser for her at an estate sale , It didnt need much work ,just updating , So I painted it using a mix of Queenston ,

Driftwood and little Lamp Black, with the Pitch Black Glaze for a silky smokey effect. topped it off with G.F.high performance in Gloss

and G.F. high perfomance in flat. Updated the original hardware by painting them silver.

Looks awesome in her room.


Products Used

  • General Finishes Queenston Grey
  • General Finishes Driftwood
  • General Finishes Lamp Black
  • General Finishes Pitch Black Glaze
  • General Finishes High Performance in Flat top coat
  • General Finishes High Performance in gloss

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