Mid Century G Plan done simple//klein blue all the way!

By Door Thirty Four in Orpington, Kent, GB

Winning Category

This is a simple one. Simple because 'klein blue' just speaks for itself. It's incredible.

Take one gorgeous G Plan wooden set of drawers in fantastic condition but boring and brown. Sand it down and clean it well. Remove the hardware. Prime it a couple of times and then unleash the blue.

Even just opening the tin makes me smile. I smothered this unit with layers of blue until the coverage was nice and even, deep & rich. After drying thoroughly I sealed it with High Performance Top Coat in satin finish. Cleaned the hardware with barkeepers friend and brasso. 

I love it. The solid rich colour perfectly suits the mid century clean lines. The gold shines out against the dark background. It really is gorgeous. So gorgeous I believe it sent a friend of mine into a total electric blue craze - it's become her signature colour and everybody loves it. Quite right.

Products Used

  • Klein blue milk paint
  • High Performance Top Coat - satin finish

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