By Andrea Klercke, Furniture Artist/Owner at Home Girl Decor in Morrow, OH.

I picked up this old chest simply because of the hardware.   I loved it!  The hardware was dirty, tarnished brass, and didn't really stand out on the wood toned dresser.  But the shape reminded me of a pretty pair of earrings, and I imagined them shined up so pretty that a movie star would wear them.  Then, speaking of movie stars, I remembered this giant Marilyn Monroe poster I had bought a couple of years ago.  Hmmmm.

The problem with the poster though was that it had Marilyn's signature on it and the poster was so much larger than the chest that the whole signature wouldn't fit.  I loved how her white dress popped off the black background though and I didn't really like that the signature was there anyway.  So, I got my scissors and cut out the largest paper doll in history!

So that Marilyn and her white dress would still pop, I painted all the drawer fronts with GF Lamp Black Milk Paint and applied the poster pieces to each drawer front with mod podge.   The base of the chest was painted with GF Snow White Milk Paint and the entire piece was sealed with GF High Performance Top Coat in Flat.  The hardware shined up beautiflly and I love how the brass looks with the black and white. 


Products Used

  • GF Lamp Black Milk Paint
  • GF Snow White Milk Paint
  • GF High Performance Top Coat Flat

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