Look at me now!

By Marie

I transformed an old entertainment center into a reading nook / charging station. This piece was in the back corner at an antique mall. I had watched it sit there for months. Since flat screens have came out there isn't much of a need for these anymore. I finally decided to buy it but I had no idea what I was going to make out of it. I knew whatever it was I wanted to use the GF Holiday Red with the black glaze. So I started by cutting the top shelf off of one side and went from there. After that I decided it would be a bench but it wasn't until after I applied the first coat of red that I realized it would look better if I would cut away the end and make the arm of the bench. After that it all came together with some sanding, another coat of paint, more sanding, glaze effects and the topcoat. I also decided not to put the large glass door back but instead leave that section open for baskets and home decor. However I did put the smaller doors back on. I am pleased with the end results and my hope is that someone else will feel the same and take this piece into their homes to use for many years to come.

Products Used

  • GF Black Pepper Chalk Paint
  • GF Holiday Red Milk Paint
  • GF Pitch Black Glaze Effects
  • GF Flat on Flat Topcoat