A Little Driftwood

By Rusted & Rescued, Owner

This little occasional or accent table was aquired at auction for a very reasonable price.  The top was nothing but destroyed veneer, which I painstakingly stripped and sanded.  It was still a mess and it sat for months because I just had not made up my mind what to do and it had not told me what it wanted. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on some plaster lath that was over 100 years old from an old house in town that was getting some upgrades.  Then it dawned on me.  Looking at the table it had these pretty waves.  So away I went.  I took the plaster lath and cut the lengths necessary to adhere to the table top.  I glued and pin nailed the strips to the top and sanded them. I painted it GF Driftwood because it begged for that color and then used GF Snow White as a wash for dimension.  I also used GF Flat Out Flat to coat the lath which was just lovely.

Products Used

  • Driftwood Milk Paint
  • Snow White Milk Paint
  • Flat Out Flat

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