Lamp Black Beauty

By Lauren Covino-Smith, Designer at LuLu Restorations

What a story a single piece of furniture can tell.  This massive 60-year old hutch cabinet was in need of a major facelift after having been neglected by its previous owner who was simply desparate to just get rid of it.  As soon as LuLu Restorations spotted her, the creative juices began flowing!

Transportation to the workshop was no easy feat!  Our team took four hours just to dissemble the piece, which came apart into eight separate sections and held together by screws which are so dated, they are no longer manufactured!  All the hard work and labor involved with taking this piece apart and getting her "beautified" was well worth it and included the following steps:

- Cleaning of original cabinetry and removal of all hardware (to eventually be tossed and replaced)

- Light to medium sanding to lift original cabinet finish

- Three coats of GENERAL FINISHES LAMP BLACK MILK PAINT (exterior cabinets and interior shelving)

- Addition of new silver hardware, wallpaper backing inside cabinets and replacing of upper cabinet lights


This piece is in my personal home and has become near and dear to my heart simply because of the love and sweat poured into her. She is breathing new life again and continues to be a focal point of interest for guests when they visit. 


Products Used

  • General Finishes Lamp Black Milk Paint
  • General Finishes High Performance Top Coat