Kansas City Substitute

By Michael Alguire, Machinist/woodturner in Datil, NM.

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Kansas City Substitute

Well even though i didn't get too go to the aaw symposium a piece of mine did get to go. Wendy nave from Wendy sawmill , a mesquite dealer and vendor at the trade show, contacted me a few weeks before asking if i would make a piece out of green mesquite and turn it to completion too display how stable mesquite is. I gladly excepted and got to work. I had the idea to position the sap wood right around the rim to exsentuate my steps. Im very pleased and glad i got to send it . be sure to stop by and have a look if your in Kansas. Waterlox finish with three stage buff. I forgot to take measurements before sending. But it was turned from her most popular sizes 9x9x6.750 and i kept it as close to that size as i could.

Products Used

  • hand chissel
  • Waterlox
  • Beal Buff Three stage Kit

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