Winner! Island Spice

By Kristen, Owner/Creative Designer at thatFLIPPINFURNITUREgirl in Portage, IN.

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I have wanted to create a kitchen island from a desk for quite some time... I just needed the right client to believe in my vision!

Enter my repeat client Carla, a vintage desk and 8 ft of an old weathered table top... and the fun began!

This project didn't come with "plans", I had to make them up as I went along. It was challenging and exciting all at the same time.

 Construction was a huge part of this transformation but choosing the right color, finish and hardware to fit my client's home and style made this custom project one of my all time favorites!

The body was given a color wash, layered look using General Finishes Red Pepper milk paint.  We needed a color that worked with a red already used in my client's home.  Even though Red Pepper was discontinued I was able to get my hands on one last quart... it was the perfect red for this home!

The well aged wood top was cleaned up just a bit and then given 4 coats of High Performace Top Coat in Satin for a strong, stunning look.  The top coat brought out amazing tones in this naturally distressed top.

Products Used

  • GF Red Pepper Milk Paint
  • GF HPTC Satin

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