Honduran Rosewood and Malachite Ballpoint Pen

By Manda Mercure, Owner at Mercure Pens in Windsor, ON, CA

Winning Category

This extra long rosewood pen, set with a beautiful small piece of malachite, truly makes a statement. The grain is amazing and simply pops under the many layers of varnish that has been polished to a fine gloss with General Finishes Waterbased Turners' Finish.  I first apply two coats of varnish and allow the grain to rise before sanding that down with the coarsest grit of MicroMesh. I then apply up to 10 coats of varnish until I'm happy with the coating. I then meticulously sand through all grits of MicroMesh to flatten and remove any specks, working up to a fine gloss. I apply one last coat of varnish before polishing with only the two finest MicroMesh grits. The result is an absolutely beautiful high gloss finish that is so durable!

Products Used

  • GF Waterbased Turners' Finish

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