Home Sweet Home

By Julia Petrie

Winning Category

I have a had this idea of putting a picket fence on a dresser for awhile and finally did it. I found this dresser at Goodwill and knew it would be perfect. I first sanded the entire dresser. The sides and top were painted with GF Snow White. I used GF Halcyon Blue for the sky then dry brushed over the blye with Snow White to give it a more of a sky look . The frame around the dresser I brushed using Van Dyke Brown Glaze, LOVE this glaze. The picket fence was made with paint sticks I bought from Home Depot and painted with Snow White. The flowers along the fence I hand sewed and added buttons for the center. The grass along the bottom used Emerald Green and also painted silk leafs with the Emerald Green​. This set is actually my first I will be selling. I have been painting furniture for my family and myself for sometime now and even repaint my furniture several times, since​ I love painting furniture (one of my dressers I painted five times) . 

Products Used

  • GF Halcyon Blue
  • GF Snow White
  • GF Van Dyke Brown Glaze
  • GF Emerald Green