Hollow Vessel with Finial and Base

By Sonny Gibson at Tralia Turnings

This Hollow Vessel was power sanded to 600 grit. After sanding I applied 2 thick coats of medium CA glue to the Maple vessel. After shooting a light coat of accelerator the vessel was re-sanded to 600 grit. At this time I buffed the surface with VONAX with a white diamond buffing wheel made by BEAL BUFFING system. The ebony finial, collar, and base were sanded to 1500 grit and shot with a single coat of MINWAX gloss lacquer.

The piece is roughly 13 in in height and 8.5 in in total width.

Products Used

Parfix 3606 CA Glue
Vonax Buffing Compound
Minwax Clear Gloss Aerosol Laquer