Heirloom Oak Table Revival

By Michelle Gabbard at Gravity Hill Furnishings in Mooresville, IN.

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It's hard to believe this table top and skirt were one wrapped in Formica. My client explained to me this was the table he grew up eating at. His mother had it covered with Formica to protect if. When he and his wife inherited this set they removed the Formica. Unfortunately chunks of wood also left with the Formica and adhesive remained. The clients did an amazing job sanding the top of the table and removing the adhesive. They wanted the table too stained to coordinate with woodwork in their kitchen. While the base of the table and the chairs would be painted, they would also be distressed-- the wood needed to match the table top. I created a custom Gel Stain mix to match their woodwork mixing 1 part Java and 2 parts Georgian Cherry. I used 3M Wood Filler to repair the damage to the top of the table. After preparing the table and chairs by sanding and cleaning with denatured alcohol, the table and chairs were stained with the Gel Stain custom mix. Because the wood filler didn't take the stain as well as the wood I used Dark Chocalte Milk Paint to help camouflage the repaired areas. The base of the table and the chairs were then painted with a 1:1 blend of Linen and Antique White Milk Paints. All pieces were sealed with HPTC Satin. 

Products Used

  • Java Gel Stain
  • Georgian Cherry Gel Stain
  • Linen Milk Paint
  • Antique White Milk Paint
  • HPTC Satin

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