Head Board Recycled Bench

By Greg Lankston, Owner at Wood Magicians in Danville, IN.

Winning Category

This bench was built for a customer with a unique story behind it.  The customer's daughter had lost her father when she was a young girl.  The bed head board was one remaining piece of furniture she had that they wanted to somehow salvage and restore.  Thus being a piece her daughter could hold and display for years to come to remind her of her father.  They asked can you get creative and turn this into a display piece.

So with many many hours of fine sanding and work the head board was reborn into a fine bench thanks to the products of General Finishes .  It was air sprayed with GF Lamp Post Black milk paint and then multiple sprayed layers of GF Satin Topcoat Finish.  Then the bench was made from solid walnut and finished with a GF Gloss Arm R Seal Topcoat finish of many air spray layers.

Products Used

  • Lamp Post Black milk paint
  • High Performance Satin Water Based Top Coat
  • Arm R Seal High Performance Gloss Finish

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