Grain Pop with Seal A Cell on Bookmatched Ebonized Maple

By Ryan, Owner/Craftsman/Photographer at LumberLust Designs in Phoenix, AZ.

Winning Category

We've been commissioned to create two custom ebonized maple 20x18 C-Tables with steel chevron frames. We cut out top pieces from a large 8/4 big leaf Maple live edge slab and then resawed the piece to have a bookmatched pair of tops at a finished thickness of 5/8."  All bark voids and cracks were filled with System 3 tinted epoxy resin, the piece was ebonized using an aniline dye.  This video shows the first grain pop with General Finished Seal A Cell after ebonizing and finish sanding, 

Products Used

  • Seal A Cell
  • Arm R Seal Gloss

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