GF Blues Table

By Maja Komasa, MRS at ReLoved by Maja Komasa in Wągrowiec, PL

Winning Category

I love distressed and chippy furniture. One of my favorite colours is blue. In order to this I've combined all of the GF milk paint blues, added some green and white and created this piece.

First of all I sanded down old finish. Re-Stain it using Dye Stain in Light Brown. Sealed it with Flat out Flat. Once dry I applied Milk Paint in layers ; first paint combo of Halcyon Blue, Snow White and Lamp Black appling one coat all over apart from the top, then Klein Blue, Corinth Blue, Coastal Blue and Persian Blue in sections to highlight and shadows. I distressed the paintwork heavily, to create a rustic, chippy look, the edges of the cabinets, beveled edges, corners, anything to draw attention to the lines of the cabinets. Once dry, I sanded the piece heavily to layers of colour, going all the way back to the wood in places. I finished the whole piece with a coat of Flat out Flat.

Products Used

  • Dye Stain, Light Brown
  • Flat out Flat
  • Persian Blue Milk Paint
  • Halcyon Blue Milk Paint
  • Corinth Blue Milk Paint
  • Klein Blue Milk Paint
  • Coastal Blue Milk Paint
  • Patina Green Milk Paint
  • Snow White Milk Paint
  • Lamp Black Milk Paint

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