Frilly French Chair

By Michelle Gabbard at Gravity Hill Furnishings in Mooresville, IN.

Winning Category

After removing the seat and decorative hardware, the chair was swept and hard surfaces cleaned with a 50/50 solution of denatured alcohol and water. The wood portions of the chair were lightly sanded using 220 grit. The wood portion sere primed with Zinsser BIN Primer. The upholstered back of the chair was dampened with wate. The chair was painted with General Finishes Persian Blue Milk Paint. I dry brushed Argentine Pearl Pearl Effects over the surface of the chair. Topped with High Performance Top Coat in Satin.  The seat of the chair was recovered with faux fur fabric and reattached. The decorative hardware piece at the top of the chair was first dry brushed with Argentine Pearl Effects and then Persian Blue. 

Products Used

  • Persian Blue Milk Paint
  • Argentine Pear Pearl Effects

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