Fresh off the Farm

By James and Brenda Hess, Owners at Rundown Rustics in Riverton, UT.

Winning Category

Covered in cream lead base paint, this late 1800's piece was just sad.  During the stripping process we found it had been painted several times through the years.  Once we got down to the wood we found a gorgeous oak side board.  The drawers had fallen apart with broken pieces that needed a lot of work.  We found old scraps of oak and hand dovetailed them to match the original pieces.  We felt like a beautiful dark top with a white base would give it the perfect touch of country chic.  We applied several coats of Java Gel Stain to the top to get the rich dark color that would  contrast nicely with the Snow White.  The base then received several coats of Dark Chocolate milk paint that would cover some water damage before getting a few more coats of Snow White milk paint.  It was then distressed in all of the right places that would come from years of wear and tear followed by a touch of Van Dyke brown glaze to add even more aging.  We applied several coats of Satin Enduro-Var to the side board top and the base recieved High Performance Poly in Satin.  This will definitely last another 100 years or more.

Products Used

  • Java Gel Stain
  • Dark Chocolate Milk Paint
  • Snow White Milk Paint
  • Van Dyke Glaze
  • Enduro-Var
  • High Performance Poly

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