Floral Symmetry

By Michael

Winning Category

This is one of the pieces I completed in my Platonic solids series.  This is a turned icosahedron which has 20 identical equilateral faces and 12 vertexes.  The piece was first turned as a box with an interior spherical hollow, then glued together and an exterior sphere turned as a starting point for the icosahedron.  It was then turned on 20 axes to create the 20 equilateral triangular faces.

Once the turning was complete, the faces were then carved, pierced and painted to come to the completed form.   There are 12 flowers with 5 petals carved out of the 12 vertices and 20 negative space 3 petal flowers pierced in the centers of each face. If you look at the leaf background, these are rough hexagonal shapes. So this is a highly symmetrical object, that I tried to make appear less so by the freehand carving of the leaf background and the petals of each form

The finish/color started with an interior airbrushed painted surface.  The exterior was first dyed black with indigo ink, then hand painted with acrylics using the dry brush technique.  A light coat of Krylon Fixatif was applied to give the final surface some protection.

Products Used

  • American Hophornbeam
  • Indigo Ink
  • Acrylic paints
  • Krylon Fixatif

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