Flight From Fantasy

By InfinityFinishes, Moroccan Ala' Mod in Steamboat Springs, CO.

Cinderella's Flight From Fantasy chair was found in front of a house sporting a "Free" sign. She needed some tender loving care to fix one of the legs where the dowels had been broken. The dowels needed to be drilled out and replaced. Titebond 11 Premium Wood Glue was used along with Bar Clamps. A piece of poplar was cut and shaped to enlarge the front piece of the chair to give room for a decorative molding. This wood extension was screwed and glued on the chair. The staple holes from the armrest, along with cracks and crevices acquired from years of use were filled with MH Ready Patch, then sanded smooth.  Efex bendable molding #B15 was attached to the prepped enlarged piece with Dap Weldwood Contact Cement. Rose appliques from beadsbysandy.com were deglossed with 'Klean Strip Easy Liquid Sander Deglosser', then painted with GF "Antique White" and Pearl Effects "Champagne Pearl".  The entire chair was painted with 3 coats of GF "Antique White" followed by three coats of  Pearl Effects "Champagne Pearl".  The chair was lightly sanded between each coat of milk paint and the pearl effects with a 220 sanding pad. The rose appliques were then glued to the blank squares on the front and side of the seat wood frame. One coat of high performance topcoat in satin was applied at this stage. Highlights and crevices of the bendable molding were painted and gilded with a combination of silvers and golds using General Finishes Glaze Effects in "Burnt Umber", Pearl Effects in "Argentine" and Gilders Paste in "Inca Gold and German Silver".  The rose appliques, legs and arm detail were finished with the same combination of silvers and gold. 3 coats of GF "High Performance Top Coat in Satin" were applied. Jay Wiseman owner of Artistic Images digitally painted and printed the Cinderella design on canvas giving it a look and feel of artistic tapestry or cross-stitching. The canvas painting had to be sized and shaped so it would fit the back of the chair. He warmed up the color scheme to better match the "Champagne Pearl". The painting has a Monet-Impressionistic flair which lends itself to a feeling of fantasy. An Epson 9900 printer was used with a sunset/select matte canvas and 3 coats of gloss Sunset coating were applied to protect the printed canvas. DP-77 Industrial Spray Adhesive was used to attach the canvas to the wood back which also added depth and dimension. The staples were removed, along with the old smoky smelling upholstery from the wood back and seat of the chair. The seat cushion was upholstered using antique white velvet with blue sheer organza over the top in a button fold design. GF "Enduro Extender" was also used with the Pearl Effects. 

Products Used

  • General Finishes Antique White Milk Paint
  • General Finishes Champagne Pearl Effects
  • General Finishes Argentine Pearl Effects
  • General Finishes Burnt Umber Glaze Effects
  • General Finishes High Performance Top Coat Satin
  • General Finishes Enduro Extender
  • Gilders Paste Inca Gold
  • Gilders Paste German Silver
  • Efex Molding #B15
  • Rose Appliques from beadsbysandy.com
  • Jay Wiseman Artistic Images

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