Farmhouse Kitchen Fun!

By Julia

I painted our Kitchen by myself.  I chose to paint it in sections.  I didn't feel overwhelmed that way and could fit it into my schedule.

Since my cabinets were VERY dark to begin with (Cherry) I decided to do a primer to block some of the dark color.  I used Zinser Bulls Eye 123 primer ONLY for the white cabinets.  The black island did not require a primer since it was already dark.  I used Lamp Black two coats for the island.  The rest of the cabinets I used Snow White with three coats.  I chose the High Performance Top Coat in Flat and used 2 coats to protect well since the Kitchen gets a lot of use.

I know many people like to use a small roller for the panels of the door but I actually like painting with a brush so that is what I used for everything.  I had a large and small brush and one for the topcoat.

Yes, it does take time to paint a Kitchen but it is not hard.  I believe that no matter what project you set out to finish having the right tools for the right job is the most important step to a great outcome.  I looked at and considered many paints for my Kitchen but in the end went with the product I trusted and have used for years with great results.  I do have to mention that last year as a test I painted my bathroom cabinets which are identical to my Kitchen.  I wanted to see if they would hold up well before doing my entire Kitchen.  After a year they still look new.

I cannot tell you just how pleased I am with my Kitchen makeover.  I am so excited to walk into my Kitchen.  It is my "happy place" now.  I actually enjoy being in the Kitchen now that it is so pretty!!  Amazing what a little paint can do!!

Products Used

  • GF Snow White Milk Paint
  • GF Lamp Black Milk Paint
  • GF High Performance Topcoat Flat
  • Zinser Bulls Eye 123 Primer

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