Farmhouse kitchen cabinets

By Nikki Dunn

Winning Category

I had always hated my kitchen cabinets. They were a yellowish oak- very plain and outdated.I really wanted something new,yet rustic looking.  It was then that I discovered Gf milk paint and I was quickly obsessed with it. I began watching every tutorial & reading every blog about painting kitchen cabinets. I decided to use the Antique White and Van dyke brown glaze and the high performance top coat.  It was a trial and error process but I was able to catch on quickly.  I did 3 coats of the paint then 1 coat of the top coat. I needed a barrier beteeen the paint and the glaze so that I had more control of it.. Once dry, it was time for glaze & I figured out that an old toothbrush would be my tool of choice.  I only wanted the glaze in the beveled edges of the cabinets, so that was tricky to keep it there. I used a wet rag to wipe it away and keep the glaze where I wanted it to stay. Once dry, I went back over it with another 3 coats of top coat. I knew this would be a high traffic area, so I wanted them protected .  I worked on this on/off for about a month. I also painted my cabinets while they were still attached.  I know that sounds crazy but it was easier in my opinion.  I also have two children under 6 years old so that made this a very daunting task.  I was determined and kept at it. I have already had people ask me if I would come and do this same detail to their cabinets!!!  I am in love with the final result. I have since used gf paint on many other pieces!! I love this stuff!! 

Products Used

  • GF antique white
  • GF high performance flat
  • GF Van dyke brown stain

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