Family Heirloom Table

By Monica, Owner at Brush Up Restoration & Decor in Cumming, CT.

This table is a family heirloom that was built in the late 1800's by my husband's great, great uncle. It is a one of a kind table built with a lazy Susan that has a steel rod that runs down through the base of the table and turns with a ball bearing ring. My husband's grandmother ate at this table as a little girl. It has been handed down through the family and we recently were able to receive it into our home. It was in rather bad condition when we received it but after cleaning, sanding, staining, painting, glazing and finishing we have a beautifully restored piece of furniture that we will be able to enjoy many family meals on together!

We cleaned the entire piece and had to do some repairs to the lazy Susan and around the table's edges. We then painted the base of the table in Antique White, distressed it and finished it with Van Dyke brown glaze and High Performance Satin top coat. The claw feet look beautiful once we added the glaze effects to it.

The top of the table had an oak finish and we sanded lightly and then restained with Java gel stain and finished with 4 layers of Gel Topcoat to give it a heavy finish since we will enjoy many meals on the table together.


Products Used

  • General Finishes Java Gel Stain, General Finishes Antique White Milk Paint, General Finishes Van Dyke Brown Glaze, General Finishes Gel Top Coat and General Finishes HIgh Performance Satin Top Coat

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