A Fabulous Piano Bench Make Over

By Michelle

The piano bench belonged to the mother of my friend.  It was one of the items she regretted not taking from the house before she and her siblings had to put their mom into a nursing home and sell the house.    

During the garage sale I bought it back for her and refurbished it.  They are an Irish family and their dad helped start our St.Patrick's Day celebration that brings thousands to our town each March.  She also decorates her house in a beach theme.  She wanted me to incorporate the beach theme with an Irish saying that means so much to her.  

This was the final product.

I started with a primer then used the Key West Blue chalk paint for the first coat.  I then layerd on a white latex paint then used the Champagne Pearl Effects over the top.  

I sanded to distress and reveal some of the Key West Blue underneath.  

To hand paint the top I first designed the saying in Photoshop Elements using two of my favorite fonts.  Then I "eyeballed" it onto the bench with a pencil just looking at the computer screen as a reference.  Then I used black acrylic paint to go over the pencil markings.  There was not stencil or transfer used.  

She loved it!

Products Used

  • Key West Blue Chalk Paint, Champagne Pearl Effects

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