Estate Sale Bedroom Set

By Keri

I bought this set at an estate sale for $200 to refininsh for my daughter's college grad gift.  The larger dresser had a big dent in the top from something that was dropped on it ( didn't notice it until I had hauled it outside to load up). I took a chance on hoping I could repair it.  JB Weld makes a product called Wood Weld, mix it up and apply with a putty knife, let dry, sand and paint.....pure magic!  I stained what I could ( I don't remember what color/ brand) and painted the laminate parts with General Finishes white milk paint and sealed with their satin water based top coat.  The hardware is from Hobby Lobby, I absolutely love the little wooden owl knobs.  The headboard legs had been cut off so when we mounted it, we had to build it up a bit.

Products Used

  • General Finishes Milk Paint in White, General Finishes Water Based Top Coat in Satin,

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