Esmarelda cedar chest makeover

By Jennifer Wolff Stathatos

Winning Category

I found a vintage cedar chest at an estate sale from a magificent house that had been occupied by five generations of one family. I knew this piece needed a dramatic makeover and I had just seen a great GF tutorial on how easy it is to apply gel stain. I decided that the top should be finished with gel stain in black. I applied two coats of stain exactly as the video showed and it came out perfect! After I painted the body gray I felt it needed a glaze. I learned that the gel stain could be made into a glaze by adding mineral spirits, so I made a small batch in a plastic cup. I applied it in small workable sections with a sponge applicator and wiped product back with a cotton rag. If an area was too dark, I'd add some mineral spirits to another rag to help take excess off. If I took too much off, I'd add more either with the sponge applicator or one of the saturated rags I already had. It was very easy to work with and forgiving as I kept working the product until I was satisfied with the look. 

Products Used

  • Gel stain in black

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