Enchanted Patina

By Terrys Tweaked Tiques, Boho Desert at https://www.facebook.com/terrystweakedtiques in Browns Mills, NJ.

Winning Category

Who paints a entire piece in 9 tablespoons of paint ??? I did-- I created this custom mix of Patina Green and White Wash Stain. Patina green is a awesome color but I wanted to tone it down a bit. I used 3 tablespoons of the Patina Green and 6 tablespoons of the White Wash Stain. Blended together in a ceramic bowl until mixed thoroughly. I then applied by dipping my brush in and then wiping some back off. I applied it like a dry brush effect first. Then added more where I didn't want as much of the natural undertone coming through. This mixture went on like butter, the best mix I have ever worked with. I completed the entire piece in 45 minutes--

Products Used

  • Patina Green
  • White Wash Stain

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