A dresser named lucky

By Lindsay Hughes

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I found this John Stuart made in North Carolina dresser at a thrift store and scored it for $30, mainly because one of the legs ripped off while they were loading it in my truck.  It was painted black and sporting more than it's fair share of scrapes, dings, scratches, stains and even had a pair of someone's old underwear stuck inside the frame. Despite having one too few legs and one too many pairs of strangers underpants, something about this dresser really spoke to me. My husband and i reattached the missing leg (found in a drawer), stripped off the old paint and used candelite gel stain to bring the beautiful wood back to life. I'll never understand why someone hid the wood grain with black paint. Post-makeover, I'm happy to say I'm not the only one who loves this dresser. 

Products Used

  • General finishes candelite gel stain

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