By T & W Olsen, Owners at Redwood Market

Winning Category

After 2 tours of duty in Miami with the US Coast Guard , this award plaque was constructed using dock Timbers that had seen the boots of thousands of Coast Guardsmen doing missions for decades in Miami Florida.  The wood is dense and heavy yellow pine that had seen years of saltwater, dirt, oil, grime...

I thought these Timbers would be perfect to use to honor the service of those who served. After cleaning the years of use off the wood, I left the rugged and worn surface profile of the wood intact to serve as a tribute and reminder of the service members who walked over those planks into harm's way out on the ocean. 

The raw wood was finished in the following order with General Finishes products: 

Pecan gel stain -- Snow White milk paint -- High Performance seal coat -- Glaze Effects Van Dyke Brown - one coat of Arm-R-Seal-- four coats High Performance

Products Used

  • GF Snow White Milk Paint
  • GF Arm-R-Seal
  • GF Glaze Effects Van Dyke Brown
  • GF High Performance top coat
  • GF Pecan wood stain