Crisp and Clean with Stripes in Between

By James and Brenda Hess, Owners at Rundown Rustics in Riverton, UT.

Winning Category

Well this one was one of those, slathered in latex, broken drawers, loose glue joints, peeling/poorly repaired veneer, missing hardware etc. pieces.  "What were we thinking"!  Found on the side of the road, we were sure there was beauty waiting to be revealed.  We had no idea the work that would be involved and seriously considered burning it more than once.  After stripping and scraping all of the latex paint off the surface, this one required some pretty major repairs.  Of course by then, we had way too many hours into it to give up.  Once it was ready for paint we could definitely see the possibilites.  And we were seeing STRIPES!  After applying the base coat of Snow White milk paint we carefully masked off to add stripes in Seagull Gray milk paint.  The stripes wrap the top of each drawer and even the hardware got a coat of Seagull Gray.  The hardware attached to the dresser within the gray stripes so it just tied together perfectly.  And of course we protected this awesome piece with High Performance Poly in Satin so it will last another 80 years.

Products Used

  • Snow White Milk Paint
  • Seagull Gray Milk Paint
  • High Performance Poly

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