Craigslist Trashed Table & Chairs Transformed


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I  found this table on Craigslist with 6 Chairs (legs broke on one) for $40. It was a good solid wood table which was perfect for my sisters house. However, it needed some serious TLC. Lots of wood filling and sanding on various parts before stripping the entire top. Stripping the legs was not an option for me I wanted a nice wood finish on top with white legs and chairs. I covered and taped off the top and sprayed the legs and chairs with 2 coats of GF Snow white milk paint. Milk paint dries so fast especially in a warm garage but it leaves a flawless finish. I used a $30 sprayer (critter sprayer) and it worked great. I top coated both with 3 coats of GF High Performance Top Coat which is one of the most durable top coats I have ever used. After curing even nail polish won't ruin this top coat …I tried it. Now I wouldn't recommend it, but my daughter got some nail polish on it after it was finished and before my sister picked it up. I got the nail polish off without taking any of the finishe off. I can't say that about any other water based top coat.  The top of the table got one coat of Pre-stain conditioner, followed by yellow dye stain. Using yellow or amber dye stain will give almost any wood a much richer look. I never stain any project without it except red oak.  I then stained with both Medium and Dark Brown Dye stain. Topped it off with 3 coats of Arm-R Seal. 

Products Used

  • Snow White Milk Paint
  • HPTC
  • Yellow Dye Stain
  • Medium and Dark Brown Dye Stain
  • Arm-R-Seal Top Coat

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