The Cowboy Way

By Marcia from Three Painted Drawers, Three Painted Drawers in MO.

This rustic high boy chest of drawers had a very rustic look about it and I didnt want to loose that. So I gave it a cleaning and light sanding then used GF Gel Topcoat in satin on the sides, added the decoupage cowboy boots on the drawers, sealed that with GF High Performance Topcoat in flat, then Java Gelled the top for durability along with GF Gel Topcoat in satin. Added horseshow stars for knobs. Someone had seen a picture of the chest and asked me how I got all those boots to fit in there, I thought that was pretty funny!

Products Used

  • GF Java Gel Stain
  • GF High Performance Topcoat Flat
  • GF Gel Topcoat Satin

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