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By Jill Stalter in milwaukee, WI.

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my mum has been wanting an old milk can like she used to have growing up on my grams farm back in the 40's and 50's in massachusettes for years... so for mothers day this year i was deterimed to find her one and i did!

i was suprised after hours of sanding i discovered i had purchased her a vintage cream city milk can.  ironically i had just been to one of the gf paint classes at cattywampus and knew what i wanted to do.  i found a blue paint shade and was so happy that they could make it for me at nue's!  so i primed the can with rustoleum white to seal it.  painted it with 2 coats of custom blue gf paint, then i used copy paper and traced verbiage and a holstein on the front of the can. i then used paint pens to fill in the front. once that was all dry i sanded it to disress it and even blackwashed/white washed the can and then  i used gf top coat and applied 2 coats to seal it.

my mum was so shocked and happy as this milk can brought back memories of growing up.  she said that they had cans just like this one.  the holstein was the best! she loved it!!

i hope you like it as well.

thank you,


Products Used

  • general finishes milk paint
  • general finishes top coat
  • rustoleum paint
  • paint pens
  • laytex acrylic paint

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