Copper and Blue Foils Bedside Cabinets

By Tessa at Room Thirteen, Brighton, UK, Owner at Room Thirteen in Brighton, GB

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I love layering, creating texture and a bit of bling! I want my finished pieces to be tactile and look different at every angle and in different lighting states and these bedside cabinets really tick all those boxes.


I started with a custom mix of blue with Autentico Paint.  The inside areas I used GF Dark Chocolate.  Then I randomly smeared Artisan Enhancements Leaf and Foil size over the doors, waited for them to become tacky and used copper and blue foils, another layer of Topcoat and then a layer of Crackle Tex(Artisan Enhancements). Over the top of this I painted GF Coastal Blue and as it was drying I used a dampened sea sponge to remove chunks.


The rest of the cabinets I painted Coastal blue over the lighter blue and kept working the paint with my brush whilst it was drying creating a smeared look, so you can see the lighter colour peaking through.  To finish it all off I used the amazing Copper Wax by Autentico.

Products Used

  • GF Coastal Blue Milk Paint
  • GF Dark Chocolate Milk Paint
  • Custom mix blue Autentico Paint
  • Copper Wax Autentico
  • GF Topcoat in Flat
  • Artisan Enhancements Leaf and Foil Size
  • Artisan Enhancements Crackle Tex
  • Artisan Enhancements Copper and Blue Foils

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