By The Distressed Gentleman, Owner in Bristol, VA.

This is an antique dresser that found its way to me.  When I picked it up, it was falling apart, the drawers didn't work and the mirror was in awful shape.  First off, I decided not to use the mirror.  It was beautiful, but wouldn't help me achieve the look I was going for.  I clamped, glued and added support to the piece to stabilize it.  I also added new drawer bottoms to each drawer because they were either warped or missing completely.  The hardware was replaced by filling the holes and adding single holed copper knobs.  It's painted with the Basil Milk Paint, distressed and glazed with the Van Dyke Brown glaze and sealed with the High Performace satin topcoat.  

Products Used

  • Basil Milk Paint (GF)
  • Van Dyke Brown Glaze Effects (GF)
  • High Performance Satin Topcoat (GF)

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