Ciao Cucina Italiana!

By MGervo

I started redoing my kitchen in an old word Tuscan theme. First I removed the wall paper then I add a faux brick effect by taping off brick shapes and layering plaster to give it dimension. I then painted the brick areas and grout with acrylic paints and sealed it. Next i applied a tinted venetian plaster and built it up near the bricks to make it look like the venetian plaster was peeling off the wall and exposing bricks underneath. I added a couple shades of brown glaze in corners, around light fixtures and around the brick areas to make them look weathered and worn. Next came my cabinets. I had already used the General FInishes Gel Stain in Java on my bathroom cabinets and my banisters so I was very familiar with what it can do. I wanted to continue with the same weathred look I utilized on the walls. I removed all the cabinet doors and hardware and primed and sprayed the hardware with automotive primer and then an oil rubbed finish. I then cleaned and lightly sanded the doors and boxes. I used the stain with long strokes to bring out just the look i was going for. I applied the stain by hand with a cotton sock over my hand (using rubber gloves of course) I did 2-3 coats over the course of several days and then sealed it with 3-4 coats of General FInishes High Performance Top Coat. I then assembled the doors and put everythign back together. I really think that the General Finishes Java Gel Stain completed the exact look I was going for and I couldn't be happier with the finished project.

Products Used

  • General FInish Java Gel Stain
  • General Finish High Performance Satin Top Coat