Chevron Waterfall vanity and chifforobe

By Tess Bourque, Owner at Renewed Treasures Studios in Duson, LA.

Chevron Waterfall Vanity and Chifforobe Makeover

This was a true Cinderella Story That was a labor of love, sweat blood and tears.

We took this beat up set and decided we wanted to give it a modern feel. She was very abused set when we got her. We had to remove all of the veneer on the entire set. and add additional supports on all of the curved top pieces. We knew that we did not want to paint the exterior of  this precious piece and we wanted to bring out her features.

So we painted the interior of all of the drawers to give it a pop of color. And added some tissue paper in a contrasting color to the drawers so that she would have some fun details when the drawers were opened. We also decided that we wanted a pop of color on the outside too so we took some picture frames and took the tissue paper that we had inside of the drawers and added them beneath the new knobs we picked up for her.

There was a crack in the door of the chifforobe so we wanted to add a dimension there anyway but we didnt want to take the mirror out of the the design so we incorporated the mirror on the interior of the door and we hand designed, cut and placed a chevron pattern on the door which added the support the door needed to endure the crack and add dimension and a wonderful eye catching design. Going with the theme of the chevron pattern we also added it to the design of the vanity by placing it in the very front where it would be prominent to be seen. 

looking at the pieces we came up with an alternative than cutting and bending a whole new top for the vanity and the chifforobe. We put wood glue on the entire top rounded pieces to harden it and add some much needed support for the small hairline cracks that were in the tops. We then went to Lowes and bought some textured wall paper with a fabulous design. Again I did not want to paint it because it would not flow with the entire piece so we decided we would try staining it to match the Antique walnut on the chifforobe and vanity. It worked perfectly.

To finish everything off we put several coats of sealer on the entire piece to help maintain it gorgeous makeover.

We hope you love our Creative Cinderella Decoupaged Chevron Waterfall Vanity and chifforoble as much as we do!!

Products Used

  • General Finishes Antique Walnut Gel Stain

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