Winner! Cheese knife with Celtic knot

By Ian Davenport at Davenport's Handmade in Leeds, GB

Winning Category

Handmade wood turning project. The handle is made of Purple Heart wit a spalted beech Celtic knot inlay. 

The Purple Heart was cut to length then cut at 45deg to put a spalted beech segment in then glued back together. The piece was then rotated 90 deg and repeated then again another two rotations. The completed piece was then placed on the lathe between centers and turned to shape. 

Once the desired shape was acheieved the piece was then sanded with 60, 120 and 240 grit then sanding dealer applied, the sanded up to 1200 grit. The handle was then finished with 3 coats of pure beeswax, with a light sanding between.

The handle was then removed from the lathe and taken to the drill press where it was drilled to accept the blade. 

The blade was then fitted and secured in place with 2 part epoxy resin. 

Products Used

  • Purple heart
  • Spalted beech
  • Pure beeswax