Bringing sexy black

By Dominica Costello

Winning Category

Big. Bold. Beautiful. Black.

There's not much more to say than that.


A tragedy turned true love, this manly piece of mahogany eye-candy had been used and abused in the worst of ways. But where one sees waste, another sees wonder, and so his new owner saw fit to entrust this delicate babe into my capable hands. And what was ghastly is now gorgeous, a true testimate to hope and faith in second chances.


He now flaunts a suave suit of silky lamp black, a classy hue perfect matched to add extra appeal to his fine physique. Coated in a clear wax sheen, it's his subtle simplicity that gives him such paralyzingly charm. He's absolutely daunting!

Crowned with a renewed mahogany top and adorned with his original pulls, all shined up, he's a true fairy tale come true; once an ugly duckling, now a striking, stunning piece of history remade. 


Cheers friends! I don't know how it could get any better than this! 

Products Used

  • lamp black milk paint

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