The Bar Maid

By Rusted & Rescued, Owner

This dresser came out of a local Historic Tavern in Dover, Delaware.  It was used and abused as a supply station housing extra napkins,sugar,salt & pepper, straws...etc.  It was icky...all covered in a sticky substance.  There was salt, pepper and sugar in every drawer and two of them would not easily open.  After removing the [ugly] hardware I was pleased to find it had Knapp Joints, which dated the dresser to the very latest, 1899.  After a well needed scrubbing and cleaning.  I repaired the two drawers and hammered the popped nails back in.  This is a well made dresser. I sanded and sanded and sanded and some things just did not want to come off. OK, go with it. Work smarter not harder.  I layered and layered Linen, Butermilk, Persian Blue and Millstone.  Distressed, stained and then coated in dark wax.  This has been one of my favorites and it was difficult to let it go.

Products Used

  • Buttermilk Milk Paint
  • Persian Blue Milk Paint
  • Millstone Milk Paint
  • Linen Milk Paint

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