Banoffee Pie Dresser

By Tessa at Room Thirteen, Brighton, UK, Owner at Room Thirteen in Brighton, GB

I do love bright cheerful colours, this one started life as a VERY dark brown. No joy or life in it at all. Definitely needed brightening up.  I knew I wanted to paint it yellow with decoupage on the back panel and took it from there.  When it was painted I felt it needed something extra so added a glaze mix all over and then highlighting areas with Van Dyke Brown Glaze and Winter White Glaze.  Sanding and blending, adding texture and depth.  When my daughters saw it they immediately said that it reminded them of banoffee pie, I LOVE banoffee pie almost as much as I LOVE this dresser!

Products Used

  • GF Antique white Milk Paint
  • GF mix of Sunglow and Buttermilk Yellow Milk Paint
  • GF mix of Burnt Umber and Van Dyke Brown Glaze effects
  • GF Van Dyke Brown Glaze Effects
  • GF Winter White Glaze Effects
  • HP Top Coat in Satin

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