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By Paige Davis, Blogger at Southern Curated

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This particular morning as I was sitting out on our porch at 6:30 enjoying the early morning light and my coffee I thought I might as well just go through my paint cabinet and see exactly what I had in that little rat hole:) I had recently accuried a small dresser that I really wanted a special color for.  I started by picking these three General Finishes paints, two Chalk Paints and one Milk Paint and then I went and found a sheet of white paper. This is how I do it every single time.  I just dip a fingertip in to one color and paint a small circle in that color on to the white paper. Then I add the second and third colors, mixing it with a clean fingertip.  This gives me a reference and a starting g point.  It's more accurate than one might think.

Off the coast of North and South Carolina lies the Atlantic.  Depending on the day and the clouds it can appear both blue and green.  This sums up the color I came up with after I mixed one part Coastal Blue milk paint, one part Nantucket Green chalk paint and a little less than half a part of the Summertime Blue.  It is mesmerizing just like the ocean.  

The only prep work i did on this piece was wipe the cobwebs off.  Honestly. I painted the body of my dresser in two good coats of my new  color, taking care to let them dry in between and as always the paint went on like a dream.  Then I went over the entire dresser with a fine grit sanding sponge.  I did linger a bit in spots to reveal the original wood undernneath.  

I am truly in love ith my new color.  I think it's my favorite concoction yet!

Products Used

  • General Finishes Coastal Blue Milk Paint, Nantucket Green and Summertime Blue Chalk Style Paint

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