antique drafting table into functional drafting coffee table

By kevsgarage, builder at hobart,in

Winning Category

This pre 1930 drafting table belonged to my dad and has been in family for 40 years and just sitting in my rafters collecting sawdust. I enjoy chopping old things up (repurpuse) and making them useful again so this what I did. I stripped in down with stripper then tore into it with 80 grit (the top was pretty beat up) then went up to 220 before adding the general finish gel stain. Tackling the height and to continue to make it functional took some time and reworking some existing parts but it came out to 21 inches high  and is still fully functional. I used some oak from a pre 1920 Murphy bed I repurpuse to a TV cabinet for the shoes. The basswood on top has 2 coats of arm r seal added just today to make the cut,ha. Hope ya'll like it,this is my favorite piece I've done to date. Oh,first time using a gel stain and absolutely love it.

Products Used

  • general finish candlelit gel stain with general finish arm r seal