Angry Birds Dresser

By Kristen, Owner/Creative Designer at thatFLIPPINFURNITUREgirl in Portage, IN.

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When this vintage dresser first made its way into my stockpile it definitely was not a favorite of mine.  Every time I looked at it and tried to envision a new design all I could see was the face of one of those "Angry Birds"! 

This one had peeling veneer and an odd (in my opinion) raised circular accent on two drawers.  Without hesitation, I began removing the veneer, honestly uncertain of what I would find hiding underneath.  I wasn't surprised to find different wood species and some worm holes and definitely uneven shades of wood!  But I also knew I had my trusty General Finishes Gel Stain arsenal at my disposal!  My client loved the color sample I showed her that was a custom blend of Antique Walnut and Georgian Cherry Gel stains. Black paint just slightly distressed would be our accent.

The redesign only had begun though.  My client wasn't thrilled with the scalloped design on the trim (both top and bottom).  Using my trusty jigsaw and belt sander I reshaped the scalloped pieces to a smoother flowing accent.

After a thorough sanding of the raw wood drawers and the original veneered top, one coat of the custom stain was all it took to make this wood gorgeous again.  Applied with a foam brush using long even strokes with the grain, then the excess wiped away with a clean shop cloth.  A final buffing to even it all out, with another clean cloth and then left to thoroughly dry for 3 days.  Finally, HPTC in Satin was applied with a foam brush as well to protect the beautiful new finish.

My client and I both were in love with the crazy "Angry Birds" dresser by the end of this transformation!

Products Used

  • GF Antique Walnut Gel Stain
  • GF Georgian Cherry Gel Stain
  • Custom blend 3:1 ratio
  • GF HPTC Satin
  • Pitch Black OFMP

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