Wood Turning

By Gary Brock Austin, Woodturner at Woodturningvisions.etsy.com in Thatcher, AZ.

Finish is everything. If the finish is not good it can ruin the whole project. Many times it takes as long to finish a project as it does to turn it.

I generally sand as much as I can while the project is on the lathe and then hand sand the finishing touches.

Inlayng TURQUOISE and COPPER in the natural cracks and voids is the last thing I do before putting the final sanding touches on.

For my finish I use General Finishes ARM-R-SEAL clear and ARM-R-SEAL gloss topcoat. I use a foam brush to apply several coats of the sealer but spray the final coats on. This gives it a real smooth looking finish and brings out the natural look of the wood. It also highlights the decorative materials that I use. I have always liked the gloss finish the best.

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Products Used

  • Pecan Wood, General Finishes Seal-A-Cell clear and GENERAL Finishes Gloss Topcoat, Turquoise, Coppe, Mirka Sandpapper

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