Wobbly Walter

By Ian Davenport at Davenport's Handmade in Leeds, GB

Wobbly Walter is made a bandsaw box made from solid walnut. The back is removed then a cut is made up the left hand side of the drawers then. The top and bottom of the drawers are cut across then the left hand side is glued back on. Then a cut is made up the right hand side of the drawers to release them. The right hand side is the glued back on. The back is glued back on. The drawers are then cut by by removing the front and back from each one, then the inside is removed and the front and back glued back on. Then the entire thing is sanded up to 600 grit. The arms are cut from oak, sanded and glued in place then everything is coated with two coats of le tonkinois finish

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Products Used

  • Le tonkinois varnish