When God Speaks

By Just Chic in Mountlake Terrace, WA.

This wood wall art was inspired by the great outdoors and the beauty of a sunset that gleams over the mountains. There is nothing more beautiful than mother nature and the wonders it brings. This piece is made of 100% solid wood. The 3/4" strips of wood have been dye stained with custom mixes of General Finishes Water-based Dye Stain. The sky has shades of purple from mixing a 50'50 mix of Merlot and Blue Dye Stain. There are shades of Amber, Cinnamon, Vintage Cherry and Merlot throughout the sky. The mountains are dyed Medium Brown, with a hint of Ebony to draw out the deepness of the grain. The trees on the hill have been dowsed with Green Dye Stain and distressed back to create some shading. We used Snow White Milk Paint for the snow-topped peaks. Lastly, we finished off the piece with 5 coats of General Finishes Enduro Pre-cat Water-based Lacquer.,as it brings out the beauty of the wood and gives it lasting durability.

Project Category


Products Used

  • GF Blue Dye Stain
  • GF Merlot Dye Stain
  • GF Vintage Cherry Dye Stain
  • GF Amber Dye Stain
  • GF Cinnamon Dye Stain
  • GF Ebony Dye Stain
  • GF Medium Brown Dye Stain
  • GF Green Dye Stain
  • GF Snow White Milk Paint
  • GF Enduro Pre-Cat Lacquer

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