Wheel Of Delicacy (Unity)

By Michael Alguire, Machinist/woodturner in Datil, NM.

Wheel Of Delicacy #6 Unity

This is the latest in my series of wheels, i wanted to push the boundaries a little and take my wheels a step further. This one was tons of work and I'm glad to be done and start on another. The wood is kiln dried cherry for both wheels the silver wheel was painted with general finishes Argentine pearl ,and the other was stained with Georgian cherry gel stain , the design was then burned on both wheels and then i did the piercing , and last was coloring the flowers. The paint for the flowers was water based. Both wheels measure 11.250" in diameter. And have an inside diameter of 5 " and they are 3.500" wide. Many many hours were involved so im hoping everyone enjoys it just as much as me.

Project Category

Color Recipe

  • 1 Wheel general finishes Argentine pearl ,
  • 1 wheel Georgian cherry gel stain

Products Used

  • Acrylic paints
  • Wood burner
  • Tightbond

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