Wheel Of Delicacy (Mahogany Garden)

By Michael Alguire, Machinist/woodturner in Datil, NM.

 Wheel of Delicacy #4 Mahogany Garden This is my fourth one in my series and i think they are evolving nicely. Honduran mahogany Many hours went into this piece with the turning ,piercing ,the burning , and the coloring. I had also made a extension for a tiny burr that i could use to reach inside the piece to allow me to clean up some of the glue that drip on the joint , it worked like a charm but a bit stressful reaching through the webbing of the piercing , thankfully it all went ok and me and the piece survived. Honduran Mahogany tung oil , piercing wood burning , acryllic paints and faber castel ink for the embellishments. 10" in diameter with a 5.750" inside diameter and 3.750" wide.

Project Category

Products Used

  • Acrylic paints
  • Tightbond
  • Turbine nsk
  • Tung oil
  • Faber castel

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