The Virtue Series

By Carolyn Muncy/Ransomed Relics Designs Lillys Corner Mall 105 S. Main St. Waynesville, Ohio 45068, Furniture Artist at Ransomed Relics Designs in FRANKLIN, OH.

The Virtue Series was the second set of transfer pieces that I had ever done! The inspiration just seemed to flow as I worked. I can honestly say that I never know exactly where my pieces will end up as I work on them! I wanted to project the beauty of the painting of Princess Martha Bibesco by Boldini.  She excludes the essence of femininity and virtue. I wanted to honor all the women who have worked tirelessly for their families and community. I love the beauty of the Proverbs 31 woman in the Bible and so appreciate all the women who have taught me to love my family and to reach out to others! 

I  transfer my photo then hand paint each one to blend flawlessly with the paint and lines of the furniture. If you have ever done a transfer, you know that most images do not transfer in their entirety so I take time to make each image  look complete and try  to eliminate any lines or joints in the transfer. The transfer on the bed was a  transfer that had 4 pieces joined by the tile method. The image was smaller then my space so I blended and hand painted it to flow and fill the space. I count it a success if those viewing it can’t tell where the lines were and what was original and what I painted! 

I truly love my craft and feel so blessed that I can use the God-given ability to turn  Furniture into Art-One piece at a time! 


Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesStarry Starry Night – Masterpiece Transfers

Color Recipe

  • Sherwin Williams :Truly Taupe, and Poised Taupe made into DIY chalk paint 1 cup paint mixed with 1/3 cup Plaster of Paris

Products Used

  • Designer in You- Grandma’s Pearls
  • Sherwin Williams-Truly Taupe and Poised Taupe
  • General Finishes High Performance Topcoat

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